By Tortilla con Sal, teleSUR English.

Reporter: …and now we’ve gotten to the usual part of the interview where you have to answer a series of single-choice questions.

J. Sjöstedt: Alright…

Reporter: The U.S. or Venezuela?

J. Sjöstedt: The U.S.

Reporter: Why?

J. Sjöstedt: Well, in part because I’ve lived there and I’ve felt pretty much at home. Besides, I am pretty worried about Venezuela’s democratic development. It’s a rather authoritarian development and the government cannot manage to ensure enough goods in the shelves and a good economic development.

Jonas Sjöstedt

On April 23rd, the leader of the Swedish Left Party, Jonas Sjöstedt in an interview for the public TV was asked which country he preferred between the US and Venezuela, and he chose the imperial superpower. This should come as no surprise , since in many Western European countries something happens similar to what takes place with the US-American political system: Parties do not stand for clearly distinguishable interests or projects, they rather represent various factions within an all encompassing and homogeneous, strategic framework.

In Sweden, the common self-image is that Swedish people are progressive; that they live in a democratic country and that, even if those ideas are shown to be gross idealizations, even lies, all in all, the Nordic kingdom is, after all, the best place to live on earth.

Never mind that Sweden shows one of the highest – if not the world’s highest – per capita weapons’ export rate, that its third largest party is the xenophobic-neo-liberal-philo-fascist-pro-Israel Sweden Democrats – a party with roots in the 1980s White Arian Resistance; never mind that Sweden’s universally acclaimed Welfare State today shows half of its female pensioners living under the EU’s poverty line and that most Swedish towns today have beggars sitting on rugs or pieces of nylon over the cold cement in the winter waiting for a few Kronor to fall on their recycled 7/11 paper cups.

Never mind that the Nordic Kingdom, whose Queen was the daughter of a Nazi leader with the mission to establish a firm base for the reconstruction of the Third Reich in post-World War Brazil, and whose King Carl XVI Gustaf – himself a good friend of the Saudi Royal House – is the grandchild of Karl Edvard von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, the first prince to give his support to Hitler and one of the key elements behind the Nazi ascent to power in Germany, Sweden is still a nice, tolerant, democratic and humanist place – notwithstanding routine criticisms for its treatment of minorities from international organs such as UNHCR.

Never even mind that Jonas Sjöstedt, the Swedish Left Party’s leader himself, confessed to be an intimate friend of Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador in Benghazi and US representative to the so-called Libyan rebels – the same Al Qaida groups that carried out a bloodbath in the North African country and later would become what today is known as the beheading-addicted ISIS terror organization. Stevens, whose mission in Libya was to train and arm these groups, became himself their victim and was killed in mid-September, 2012.

Stevens, whom Sjöstedt met during a trip to Tel Aviv, used to visit him and his family in New York and Stockholm for dinner, the Swedish politician recalls in his blog: “For a little bit more than a week ago he was here in Stockholm, he was at our home for dinner and played with the children. Chris was a warm and unassuming person. He knew the Arab World well and spoke fluent Arabic and was a very progressive American”.

Jonas Sjöstedt's "friend"

Sjöstedt’s intimate friend Chris Stevens with Republican John McCain in Libya: ‘Chris Stevens – one of America’s finest diplomats also makes one of the best cappuccinos in Tripoli‘, tweeted the old warmonger afterwards.

By the end of March this year, Social Democrat State Minister Stefan Löfven announced the creation of a broad, consensus-based foreign policy trio comprised by Foreign Minister and former EU-Environment Commissioner and self-proclaimed feminist Margot Wallström; former Social Democrat State Minister, now millionaire consultant for the Swedish weapon’s industry, Göran Persson and the Conservative former foreign minister Carl Bildt – a man with close ties to the Swedish energy consortium Lundin Petroleum as well as to Bilderberg, the RAND Corporation and the US Council on Foreign Relations. A day later Löfven announced that he even wanted the King Karl Gustav to play a more prominent role in Sweden’s Foreign Policy, considering his ties with, for instance, the Saudis.

Sweden is not a country, not even a kingdom: it is a corporation largely fused with the Atlantist, U.S.-friendly elites. Although not a formal NATO member (Swedes stubbornly cling to a suspicious attitude towards military alliances, as much as they cling to the their local currency, the Krona) Sweden is for all practical purposes a member of the Alliance, routinely lending its soil to all sorts of overt (and covert) maneuvers – just as it did during World War II, when it lent its soil to Germany so that the Wehrmacht could invade Norway.

So, it should not come as a surprise that such a “country” can have a “leftist” political leader who openly boasts about being a friend to a state terrorist – and nobody (except Latin Americans and anti-imperialists) manages to notice!

Source: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/bloggers/Swedish-Leftist-Politician-Prefers-the-US-over-Venezuela-20150515-0001.html