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President Ortega with Mr. Wang J¡ng, President and Excecutive Director of the HKND Group.

Gallup’s latest opinion poll confirms the trend of strong popular support for Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua: 8 out of 10 people approve of the construction of the Inter oceanic Canal while at least half of the supporters of the opposition think that by the end of his second period in power (in 2016) he will hand over a country in better shape than the one he found in 2007.

Ortega’s leadership confirmed

CID-Gallup’s study, carried out this month, shows that 53% approve of president Daniel Ortega’s work while 36% do not approve it.

54% of the interviewed said that Ortega will leave the country in better shape than it was before he was elected while 19% said that the country will be in worse condition and 27% say that it will remain the same.

Among the supporters of the opposition, the sentiments towards the President’s performance are divided: 53% of the supporters of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (CLP) and 46% of the supporters of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) think that Ortega will hand over a better country than the one he received when was elected the first time in 2006.

Strong support for the Inter oceanic Canal

According to the survey, published today by the local newspaper El Nuevo Diario, 79 percent of the Nicaraguan people support, at least in some degree, the construction of the Canal (41% very much; 21% support it and 17% some support). Those opposing the project are 17% while 4% didn’t answer.

Only 18% of the interviewed said they have “some” concerns about the Canal and 54% said they support the concession granted by the Nicaraguan government to the Chinese HKND consortium in charge of carrying out the project. 39% disagree.

People are grateful

CID-Gallup’s director, Carlos Denton, points out that back in the Liberal years, from 2002 to 2007, most Nicaraguans considered that the country was heading in the wrong direction

Today “people are grateful for the end of the power blackouts, the end of the frequent riots and the improvements in the public transportation system. These sorts of things Ortega has been solving have granted him this positive evaluation”, said Denton to El Nuevo Diario.

The study consists of interviews with 1,208 persons from all over the country except Corn Island. It has an error margin of +/-2.8% and a confidence level of 95%.