Tortilla con Sal.

During his speech today at the 3rd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in San José, Costa Rica, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega denounced US criminal blockade against Cuba, US’ ongoing putschist conspiracy against Venezuela and Puerto Rico’s right to self-determination.

Ortega said that the United States is behind the blockade of Cuba and continues to systematically violate the Human Rights. He accused the United States of acting in contempt of the majoritarian will within the United Nations, where 188 nations on several occasions have voted against US’ blockade of Cuba.

«In such cases, no concern for democracy applies to the Yankee. For the Yankee, the only thing that matters is might, what matters is its own backyard, and facing the strengthening of the various regional fora, specially CELAC, the Yankee continues to conspire in order to weaken and divide these fora», denounced the Nicaraguan leader.

He also denounced that the United States is behind the politics of neo-colonization of Puerto Rico and that US President Barack Obama is trapped by the Empire. «The world changes, but the Empire doesn’t change», said Ortega.

The president said that the US is trying to repeat Chile’s tragedy in Venezuela today. «They (the US) want this to end up in a bloody, brutal military coup like the one the Yankees instigated in Chile (in 1973). They are not at ease with our decisions (in these summits), they are irritated by our decisions», Ortega said.

The Sandinista leader said that while the Latin American countries in the CELAC struggle to end poverty, the «Yankees» have not renounced to the old principle of «America for the Yankee» (the Monroe doctrine), and thus «they conspire against our efforts to eradicate poverty and extreme poverty».

Support for the People of Puerto Rico

Commander Daniel Ortega announced that a among the Nicaraguan delegation there was a group of representatives for the Puerto Rican People under headed by the independist patriot Rubén Berríos, president of the Puerto Rican Independist Party.

Ortega also said that Nicaragua hopes to include such a Puerto Rican representation among the members of its delegation during the coming Summit of the Americas to be held in Panama City later this year.

Afterwards, the Nicaraguan leader gave the floor to the Puerto Rican leader, to which the Costa Rican President and Chairman of the Summit, Luis Guillermo Solís objected.

But Ortega replied: «The voice of Puerto Rico is the voice of Nicaragua». The Nicaraguan leader reminded Solís that at the beginning of the meeting he gave the floor to the Organization of American States (OAS) and to a representative from the European Union, and refused to give in.

Puerto Rico, not alone anymore

Independist leader Rubén Berríos.

In his speech, the independist leader Rubén Berríos reminded that many times before the Puerto Rican people had been alone in its struggle for independence, but that is not the case anymore.

Berríos also reminded that Puerto Ricans through civil disobedience forced the US American marines to leave their soil in Vieques, and that in the referendum held in 2012, 54% of the Puerto Rican people clearly expressed its desire to be independent from the United States.

The independist leader said that the announced changes in the relationship between Washington and Havanna are the prelude of a new relationship between the United States and Latin America, and that it would be unconceivable to keep a colonial situation in Puerto Rico.

Berríos urged CELAC to take action on Puerto Rico’s issue. He proposed that the organization’s leading «quartet» (this year under Ecuador’s presidency) implements a concrete plan of action to ensure that UN General Assembly makes a statement on Puerto Rico, and that CELAC demands from the United States to free the Puerto Rican patriot Oscar López, the world’s oldest political prisoner who’s been in jail in the US for 34 years.